Self-Defense is Existential

Self-defense is a form of self-realization of an existence, similar to other necessary dimensions like nutrition and reproduction. In the plant and animal world,...


Mexmûr: From Forced Displacement to Autonomous Life

Mexmûr (Makhmour) located in the triangle between Mosul, Kerkûk and Hewler in Northern Iraq/South Kurdistan, is a place where over 10.000 Kurds from Southeastern...


What is Jineoloji?

Jineoloji is a river finding its own way. The ideas of every woman, her study, the data she finds, the secrets her mother whispers...


Saving Iraqi Kurdistan from Colonialism

Every day, hundreds of lorries pass the Iraqi-Turkish border towards Zaxo/Zakho, Duhok, Hewlêr/Erbil or Silêmanî/Sulaimaniyah. Some pass the Kurdish cities and drive all the...



Assyrian women against the occupation – A report from Til Temir

We, a group of women from the Women Defend Rojava campaign, were on our way to Til Temir (Tell Tamer). I always knew Til...

Ecology in Times of War

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