Call for translators & editors

Komun Academy is an online platform of the revolutionary Kurdish freedom movement to share its theory, history, and praxis with internationalists around the world. At Komun Academy, we believe in the power of accessible radical theory. While we want to share our movement’s resistance history and struggle concepts with revolutionaries worldwide, we want to contribute to resistance struggles around the world. For now, our work consists mainly of publication, but exciting practical projects are coming up soon!

We believe that solidarity can take a variety of forms. Translation is among the most important work in today’s global struggles against fascism. While we started out as an English language website due to the colonially-derived hegemony of the language, it is part of our mission to break the Western-centrism that dominates much of the revolutionary discourse around the world. Therefore, soon, we will launch our website in languages other than English!

For this mission, we need your help!

We are looking for reliable, conscientious volunteers who can:

1) regularly or occasionally help with editing and translating texts into English, preferably native speakers.

2) help organize translation into different languages. For this, we must first gauge your interest to see which languages we can offer in the future.

Please introduce yourself in an email to [email protected] and let us know in what capacity you can provide help.

Thank you very much in advance!