Searching for truth

Each of us gives meaning to life in different ways. The most valuable meaning we give to life is our effort to reach the truth. Real companionship, real commitment and truth… A person – only a small particle in the huge universe – has come to the secret of life out of millions of possibilities and can only live through the meaning he gives to his existence. He is considered to have lived when he approaches life according to the meaning he has given it. It is possible for a person to understand he is a human by understanding the way he lives. Only his way of life can show his success of being human in the universe. The person who does this transcends the limits of being a small particle and reaches profoundness of meaning.

Man finds this depth of meaning in historical social reality. Our roots stretch deep into history; we are trying to grow by seeking nourishment from it, to gain greater meaning as we grow to refine even more. While our goal is development and growth, our needs have made us creative. The driving force of our struggle for life historically and socially; biologically the genetic evolution, sociologically the cultural evolution, anthropologically the societal evolution, and the quest for political and moral life; has produced and perpetuated ideological struggle.*

For the past half century, we have been trying to change course. We are finally shaking off the curse of capitalist modernity, which is against our genetics and our existence, and staged an intervention against it. We are slowly starting to walk again. In the 1970s, an elder Kurdish man observing the perseverance and effort put in by Abdullah Öcalan to bring the Kurdish people back to their feet and organize them for their freedom asked: “Can you grow this dry wood?”* The “dry wood” he mentioned then “has bloomed on its own reality, it took root and is growing day by day.” This is demonstrated not only in the practical applications and successes that can be seen in Rojava and Northeast Syria, which have been on the global agenda in recent years, but it shows itself in all four parts of Kurdistan and gradually all over the world through a new theory of life and social sociology. But we still do not dare call it a miracle. Because our direction is towards the present as much as the past, and towards the future as much as the present. We are on the path of truth and we are trying to grow our movement day by day, and our movement is about truth.

Can the truth be dismantled?

Today, the dominant statist power wants to shatter reality. In order to stay detached from each other, women and men, matter-energy, human-nature, soul-body, and individual-society are being torn apart by endless contradictions and dark dilemmas. However, the holistic stance of truth tends towards freedom. To separate reality from freedom is only possible through fragmenting it and by disrupting its unity. Anything whose integrity has been broken becomes susceptible to abuse.

Fragmentation is not limited to this. The division that has been created between women and men has also is also been imposed between human and nature, and from there within and between different communities and cultures. There is an effort to designate some as sovereign subjects and the rest as objects. To achieve this, all necessary means are allowed; from assimilation to genocide. However, when the comments describing humanity, thought, and the historical situation are evaluated, we can see that this separation is nothing more than a distraction. All the cultures living in the world continue to exist by preserving themselves with a certain attitude of resistance. Although each color, culture, texture, language and religion were different from each other, there was a unity between them; there was no conflict between them. None could have disputed this unity. All the current cultures in the world continue to exist by preserving themselves with a certain seed of resistance.

Nowadays, the world consists of thoughts, states, and beliefs, each of which contradicts itself and its surroundings and cannot find common ground. We experience a time when the ruling ones turn the truth upside down by spreading their own color. It would be unthinkable to not have the resolve to struggle to live and something to say in such an era. Therefore, it would be appropriate to evaluate the current order as disorder or chaos. It is natural to expect big changes in short periods following chaos. So, what will produce and shape this qualitative change? Here the size of the struggle gains even more importance. Because the struggle that will determine the future path of humanity is the suitability of and belief in the method to be used to seek democracy and truth. As people who want the truth to become evident again, we will take our strength from our perspective and our way of walking.

How to define truth?

If we ask truth itself, “How would you describe yourself?”, What would the answer be? Abdullah Öcalan answers this question in his defense writings, written in severe isolation conditions in the single cell dungeon he lives in on Imrali prison island. He writes: “Actually we didn’t pre-define and then set off. The definition took form as we walked, and as we defined, our walking accelerated. We were aware that the virtua reality put in front of us was a blatant error. So, the exit had to be strong and the struggle had to be of the type that created storms. While history, up to a certain point, flowed through the valleys adding beauty, it got stuck on a divergence of mentality. We, the people, created this divergence. Now, the flow of thousands of years continues. However, the single river of history was split into two branches. We call one the moral-political aspect of a democratic society that embodies all human values, and the other is a hierarchical statist approach born and deviated from the latter.

We look back from the present to interpret the past. However, development itself touches the moment. What is it we were worrying about with with our teeth, nails, dreams? We must worry about the unnatural interpretations, progress, and contradictions of “being” itself. Only this can be called the truth. So, we have to go to the place where the essence, the origin, the source, springs from the eyes. “Treasures are searched for where they are lost,” said Abdullah Öcalan in the writings cited earlier. This treasure was taken from human beings, faced with disappearance, waiting for militants to fight for it: community. Beneath every reality when we search for the truth, feeding the main river of history, making itself felt wherever it appears and calling us towards it, we find community. In time, we understood that the truth of humanity was community itself, and that only with it could we exist, could we develop and join the universe. As much as community could be strengthened, humanity could be stripped of its contradictions in the universe and included in the flow. It was the only thing with which humanity could attain the ”joy of flow”.

Thousands of years have passed since the attempts to take the treasure from our hands began. Even if these thieves changed their masks, clothes, and methods, they built all their definitions of life on the concealment of truth. However, many moments of history, even if they are not written, gain brilliance with the resistance of militants of the truth. Not only our region the Middle East, but all the oppressed people, women, laborers, classes and ethnic groups who seek the truth in their fight for freedom are the main branches of the historical river of democratic modernity. Although their resistance and the search for truth never ceased, the representatives of the other branch, the dominant statist power, which deviated from the main branch, declared themselves as the start of history and thereby attempted to steal the truth. To achieve this, science, sexism, nationalism and religion were used. It was built upon the idea of a destructive dialectic, of opposites and dilemmas that consume each other. However, a non-destructive constructive dialectic is possible. Our quest for truth is neither objectivist in the positivist sense (postmodern), nor subjectivist in the relativist sense. Undoubtedly, truth has subjective and objective aspects. Consciousness refers to the convergence of the binary of observer (object) and observed (subject) in the final analysis (not uniformity, but rather identification) of the truth. For this reason, the process through which truth is maximized is the process in which this possibility of identification can be captured. In this process, we must acknowledge that the main unit of observer and observed is the moral-political society. Therefore, in social science, (which should be a science based on researching society not as an object, without methods which deepen the perception of subjects such as subject-object, us-other, body-soul, god-servant, dead-living, and which open up gaps between them, not as dilemmas, but as surpassing these dilemmas. Since differentiation is the principle of the universe, and is also present in the character of society, we need a science which is much more flexible, free and profound.) the truth relies on a society based on revolution.

The true seekers of truth

Fire, brightness, information or light, no matter how we define it, freedom fighters today seize it from the hands of power and hand it over to the people. We Kurds live in a region where this conflict will be intense. Society was born and raised here, which has relevance to why all the rulers around the world make this region a focus for their foreign policy. This is the reason for all the distortion, the implementation of conspiracies and methods of writing history.

As this struggle is carried out, it bleeds strength from society. Struggle describes the purification of one’s own world, that is, the inner struggle. It is essential to give social life meaning through moral-political values, and this struggle of humanity is linked to the weak spirit which is detached from both its society and its own reality. Therefore, the saying “whatever a perfect person looks for is in himself” is extremely meaningful. Truth is also the quest for human perfection. Seeking truth is the search for people who can be strong willed and just while making decisions which recognize the tension between their desires and consciousness. In short, a person who knows truth is a person who is united in thoughts, words and practice.

The following question has great importance here: What should be the stance, method, and wording against attempts to make human reality hopeless through hiding the truth? The condition of the human being developed under the influence of distorted realities is devastating. We can find the answer to this question ourselves. All kinds of special warfare methods are applied to foster passivity and submissiveness towards those in power. New personality traits are being emphasized in order to stifle the desire to return to natural society within the human. As a result, instead of finding solutions, we are asked to become individuals who suffer, complain, live dogmatically with strict rules, cannot think flexibly, do not produce politics are thankful for little, lack historical and social memory, don’t take responsibility, but when they do they come up with excuses for not playing their role, and who are disconnected from society and devoid of creativity.

Even without going too far if we look at the last hundred years, we can easily see a few examples of how we do not accept this: the October Revolution in the First World War, the Cuban Revolution during the Cold War, the social movements of the generation of ‘68 or the uprising of the Zapatistas in the 1990s in response to the rise of neoliberalism. Another example is the PKK, which brought forth the system of democratic modernity with the paradigm of democratic confederalism together with the intellectual, social, political and organized struggle developed by women with an ideology of liberation. As we can see, the struggle and the search for freedom never stopped, and there are many struggles rising in the world today. The only revolutionary force that can pioneer universal resistance against the attacks of the global capitalist system is the revolutionary forces that strengthen this quest for truth. Revolutionary and communal movements for democratic socialism have such a role and mission.

So, truth is the quest to be yourself and the love of ethical people, who have existed for a long time but have not often been able to come to light. This love is not the bodily love we know. Those who are passionate about free life on a foundation of love develop a different type of love. Here, it is not possible to understand the truth without looking at the women’s freedom struggle because its energy is greater and of a different quality. In this sense, revisiting the social sciences which have been distorted by modernity with its science and sexism through the lens of women’s science becomes increasingly important. The Kurdish women’s movement is moving towards a very ambitious and successful level of debate and organization in this regard. Jineoloji, the new women’s science, is in fact considered as the science of love and the form of life, which also defines truth. Looking at history through Jineoloji and constructing history with values that are defined by women makes the connection of history with life, society and nature very strong. Again, the point of view of Jineoloji speaks of the history and the values that are part of it, the cultures of resistance, languages, morals, ethics and aesthetics, naturalness, fairy tales and the ways that these have all flowed so far. For this reason, Jineoloji treats history as a moment, a time, a place, a memory rather than a determined phenomenon.

If we are going to take on this war for the truth, we must start by accepting the existence of the influence of those who have power on us. We must do it by connecting with love to life and struggle with a new social science revolution. Otherwise, we have a poor stance against the rulers, and we have no reality other than submission. While all the techniques, science, sociology, and psychology are in the process of accepting the distorted truth, resistance against this is only possible by taking great steps. We believe that we will walk decisively on the path of truth and ensure that the moral political society is revealed again.

Adem Uzun


* Sociology of Freedom, Abdullah Öcalan

* Homo Sapiens, Noah Harari